• Your Donation is Your Legacy

    The Heart Mountain, Wyoming Foundation Planned Giving Program demonstrates our long-term commitment to our mission and contributes to our organization's financial health.

    Gift planning allows for more donor options, including the establishment of a permanent Sustainability Fund to keep the HMWF mission alive long after the current leadership and our founding donors are gone.

    Coupled with an array of gift-giving vehicles, your donation can be maximized to help sustain the mission of the Interpretive Center and support the Foundation for generations to come.

    By donating to the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, you can help preserve the lessons of the past for all time and ensure that future generations will benefit from what history teaches us.

    Contact your financial planning professional.

    Help Support Our Mission

    ·      Preserve and memorialize the Heart Mountain World War II Japanese American Confinement Site and the stories that symbolize the fragility of democracy;

    ·      Educate the public about the history of the illegal imprisonment of Japanese Americans at Heart Mountain during World War II and its impact on the Big Horn Basin;

    ·      Support inquiry, research and outreach to highlight the lessons of the Japanese American confinement and their relevance to the preservation of liberty and civil rights for all Americans today.

    photo of d lange and friends

    Two friends are photographed in April 1942 by noted photographer Dorothea Lange in a San Francisco school lunch room.
    They appear to be unaware that the Japanese American boy will soon be leaving with his family for an unknown destination under a military exclusion order.

    Contact your financial planner and the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation to make a planned gift.

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