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    photo of heart mountain school group

    School children at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center. - YONE KUBO Collectoin HMWF

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    Part of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation's mission is to educate the public about the history surrounding the tragic and illegal imprisonment of Japanese Americans at Heart Mountain during World War II. To that end, the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center offers the following options for your school or group.

    *Grant Funding is for schools located outside of Park County, Wyoming.

    Field Trips:

    Heart Mountain Interpretive Center educators are happy to give presentations, guide field trips, and give tours.
    Tours can be customized to best fit the education goals of each class.
    On site tours can include the walking tour if specified.

    Off Site Presentation:

    Off-site presentations are available for Montana and Wyoming schools. Please contact us for more details.

    Grade-specific Curriculum Guides:

    For schools that are far from the Big Horn Basin, Heart Mountain can supply you with a curriculum for your classroom for a nominal fee. Curriculum includes history, reccomended reading and suggested activities, all aligned with academic standards.

    How to Schedule:

    Contact Kim Barhaug or Bethany Sandvik at (307) 754-8000.

    Please be ready to provide the following information:

    Where the presentation will take place. (On-site, off-site)
    Proposed date
    Proposed time / duration of the presentation or tour
    Number in the tour (student groups need one chaperone for every 10 students)
    Age of group or school grade
    Contact person & phone number


    School groups - $5 per person with instruction/ $4 per person, self conducted

    Off-site Presentations - Cost varies and is based on a flat fee plus mileage. Please call us at (307) 754-8000 for details and pricing.

    Curriculum Sample -Electronic version sent in PDF form, $5 fee/ Hard copy: $10 (includes shipping).


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